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Third Beat Magazine

Jun 9 '14
Jun 3 '14
"I’ve said this a million times: there should be no limitations on comedy. Anything you wanna fucking do - do. But it should be “why do you want to?” When you learn someone’s story, you might not want to. You still can, but you might not want to. If you really learn what a transgendered person goes through, how scary it is, and how brave they are - you might go “you know, I might wanna make fun of the people that make fun of them.”"
Todd Glass, CBB 290 (via dancingwithleland)
May 27 '14

My favorite LCK bit.


My favorite LCK bit.

May 16 '14

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May 1 '14
Apr 10 '14
Apr 1 '14
Mar 27 '14
Feb 12 '14


Fact: Jon’s fumbling stab at what the hell you call people from Toronto is probably the most weirdly charming thing I’ve ever seen on TDS

Jun 14 '13